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The Holidays Have Consumed You

So let's sum up the past few months, shall we? Crafting. Lots of it. I'm going to go through and post everything once the craziness of the holidays calms down (hopefully). But, for now, I want to drop off a few patterns that I know a few of you have asked for. First of all… Continue reading The Holidays Have Consumed You


Halo: CE (Crafting Evolved)

In case you didn't know, my gamer heart belongs to a certain Spartan who has an unnatural amount of luck so when I decided that I was going to make this craft for Chance over at Destiny Dispatch, I was a happy chick. It also allowed for me to try a new product --water soluble… Continue reading Halo: CE (Crafting Evolved)


Caaaaaake! (And everything else I’ve been doing…)

This month has brought many projects to an end. (Thankfully.) In no particular order... Punch needle to my stepmom.   The Jen Taylor project (Yes, I actually sent them to her.)     Melted Snowman Ornament   Blue Quilted Ornament     And, because today's Babe's birthday, I had to make him a Halo cake.… Continue reading Caaaaaake! (And everything else I’ve been doing…)


I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters

So, I did it again. (Can you blame me?) First, let's start with the Halo. I know, I had Master Cheep and Cor-tern-a the last time, but since then I had to add a few characters to the mix. Why hello there... Let me introduce you to my friends. Master Cheep Cor-tern-a 343 Guilty Stork… Continue reading I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters