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Counting on Songs like Yours…

So, Icon for Hire released an album out in October. And I’m just now getting to the review.

(Yes, my time management needs work.)

So, yes, Icon for Hire released their second album in October and it is pretty epic, but if you’re looking for an exact copy of their first album “Scripted”, don’t look here.

If “Scripted” was like a newborn baby who was dressed perfectly for studio pictures so their parents could send them out to relatives, then Icon for Hire’s self-titled album is like the toddler who wants to get their own clothes and create their outfits.


Seeing Icon for Hire’s growth in this second album is a fun ride; they could have stayed safe and produced an album that sounded the same as “Scripted”. They didn’t. The sounds change from song to song — there are hints of a dubstep vibe in “Pop Culture” to an in-your-face screamy verses in “Critics and Cynics” to the subdued “Fix Me”.

The result? A solid, but maybe not 100% cohesive album.

That being said, it is a really, really awesome album. The lyrics are solid (“Pop culture does nothing for me/ The American dream mainstream just bores me/ And we all act like we see right through it/ When we know we’re addicted to it.”). The passion the band has for their music is real. (If you ever see them in concert –and you really should see them in concert — you will pick up on that very quickly.) And Ariel has some of the best female vocals you’ll hear, period.

Another bonus to the album? It has my absolute favorite song by Icon for Hire, Rock And Roll Thugs. (I am keeping my fingers crossed at 1.) Icon for Hire comes out here on tour again and 2.) they play this song because it really is SO COMPLETELY AWESOME.)

Bottom line, refrain from your Starbucks for a day and go pick up their album for $5 on Amazon. Your ears will thank you.

(And if you haven’t picked up “Scripted”, it’s also five bucks.)

Awesome band is awesome.

In a nutshell: Icon for Hire rocks.

I’ve been fortunate to know about their music since their song “Make a Move” popped up over as the iTunes Discovery free song back in August 2011.  (Let’s just say that the rest of the album was purchased before the song ended.) So, yeah, I’ve listened to their album a million or more times since I DL’d it.

They’ve been recording their second album (yay!) and are out on tour again so guess who snagged tickets to go see them. *points to self*


It was over at the House of Blues in Anaheim and it was awesome. ❤

We got there a little early and I was able to snag a bracelet before the show started. (I’m pretty sure that it was Josh, their base player, who sold it to me. Part of me was tempted to be like, “Dude, I know you! And you play Halo — you rock!”, but I managed to reign in the fangirl part of me and just gave him the money without coming across like a total oddball. LOL)

The show itself was epically awesome. I’m telling you, those guys are amazing. At one point, Shawn was acting as DJ and was playing his electric guitar, then switching to his acoustic guitar — all in one song. And I don’t know how Ariel didn’t pass out while singing — especially during “Off with Her Head”, but she nailed every line. 😀 😀

We got to hear some of their new stuff which sounds TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AWESOME. Their new album comes out in October, but I’m trying to figure out a way to rig up a time machine so that I can have it right now.

After the show, Babe and I rushed over to their table so that I could pre-order their new album. I am still impressed with how the dude running the table managed to keep everything together despite the fact that there were a hoard of people rushing in. (I don’t want to say it looked reminiscent of a zombie apocalypse, but, if the shoe fits…) Anyway, I pre-ordered the album and turned around and there was Ariel.

Babe encouraged me to actually go up and say something and I’m glad he did. I’m telling you, Ariel is as sweet as can be. I talked to her about her Etsy store which I hope will open again soon. (But, hey, being on tour makes her a busy chick — I totally understand.) And, I got a pic with her — even Babe got a hug from her.  😀 😀

So, bottom line, if Icon for Hire is coming to your town, do yourself a favor and go listen to some totally killer music and support an awesome band. (Or if they aren’t, at least go buy their album.) Your ears will totally thank you.