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Tag Along


If you have been following me over on Instagram and Twitter then you know my crafting life has been dedicated to finishing a zillion tags that I’m sending out which can double up as ornaments.


I’ve had a lot of questions and comments about them, so I thought, “Hey, you know, it’s probably time for a blog post to address it.”

The most-often asked question is, “Where did you get the tags? Did you make them yourself?”

The answer to the second question is


The answer to the first question is Hobby Lobby. They are $5.99 for 10 (minus the discount if you have a 40% off coupon) A delightful person on Instagram told me that they were available on anthropologie.com, but it seems like they out of stock. But, you absolutely can still make this pattern on regular aida cloth, or use it as a perler pattern.

The chart! 

I guessed with the colors until I was happy with them. If you want to use the colors I used they were:

white (all)
black (all)
321- red (all)
420 -brown (all)
742- yellow (all)
754- peach (all)
815- maroon (Cap shield)
825- dark blue (Cap shield)
3346- green (all)
3799- dark gray (Destiny traveler)


If you’re only making one style, you won’t need all of the colors and you can adapt the colors to what you have/can find. I hope you enjoy this project if you do decide to tackle it. And as always, happy crafting! ❤

It’s Dangerous to Stitch Alone, Take This!


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my buddy Kari to see if I’d be interested in making a quilt square for the Pixel Stitch group over on Twitch. (This, despite the fact, that my old computer practically makes it impossible for me to stream on Twitch Creative.) I told her yes — the requirement for the square were simple, cross-stitch something that ties back to you and/or your channel.

You know where I went, right?


I know, predictable. But, hey, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

If you happen to be going to TwitchCon, you will be able to see this is person, along with a bunch of other extremely awesome squares made by the rest of the team, as part of that quilt I mentioned earlier.

(I cannot wait to see the pictures of the completed project!)

The response over on IG and Twitter has been awesome, so I figured some of you might like to try to make this for yourself. The world always needs more cross-stitching Links, I say.


What you’ll need:
14 count aida cloth
DMC colors: 701, 904, 3865, 825, 752, 444, 762 and gold (I used Kreinik 002HL) but you could use a yellow for the triforce and the string
The chart (just ignore the name part, lol)

As always, if you do decide to make this, I’d love to know. Happy crafting!



The Holidays Have Consumed You

So let’s sum up the past few months, shall we?

Crafting. Lots of it.


I’m going to go through and post everything once the craziness of the holidays calms down (hopefully). But, for now, I want to drop off a few patterns that I know a few of you have asked for.

First of all is this little Guardian armed with a Candy Cane, ready to take down any Grinches. I actually made this on stream. (Yes, people cross-stitch on Twitch which is an amazing reality.) It’s a take on Christopher Barrett’s design (which should sound familiar).

Use the colors that you want. I went for a more subtle maroon than Santa Red, but let those holiday colors free!


Also, I made three ornaments to attach to the Christmas cards I am going to send out. (41 of them. Hold me.)

So, you have your choice between a Triforce tree, Santa Chief, or Santa Traveler. Or make all three! Spread the geeky Christmas spirit!

The charts!

Candy Cane Guardian
Santa Traveler
Santa Chief
Triforce Tree

I hope you all enjoy the patterns! Happy crafting! ❤ ❤

Nailed It

After working on Rapunzel (and actually making progress!), my brain did what it always does and started demanding me to work on something else. So, while Babe and the girls were shopping for cake supplies, I walked around Jo-Ann, looking for inspiration.


There, on an end cap were pre-made boards, ready for nail art — for $15 each (plus the cost of string). Now, look, I understand, if you don’t have the time or want the stress, fifteen bucks isn’t that bad to start a project. But, I knew I wanted something a little more nerdy (and cheap).

So, off I went. I picked up two unfinished wooden plaques, a 2 oz. container of black shiny paint, some white glitter — for $8 (plus 25% off with my coupon). Then, I picked up some nails at Wal-Mart and I was good to go.

The first thing I did was paint them black. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled on the glitter and then waited for it to dry.


During that time, I found the pictures I was looking for — a Triforce and the Destiny symbol — and traced them on a piece of paper.


Once they were dry, I got my handy dandy hammer out and set to work. I did not measure out perfect spaces between the nails — I am far to impatient for that madness. I did, however, alternate between the top and the bottom of the line so that the spacing was relatively the same.


When I was done with that, then I set off on making the string part of “string art”. I just kind of let my brain decide what it wanted to do. No rhyme, no reason. Every once in a while, I took a step back to make sure there were no huge gaps.

Overall, the project took about an hour and a half. Easy and fun! Now, go make one yourself! 😀 😀

Hey, listen!

Oh, Navi, what would the Zelda fandom be without you?


So, Mollie over at Wild Olive is having a Stitch-Love-Along. I missed round 1, but I was determined to get something done for round two (which goes until the 1st).  She said customizing was fine, but I don’t think she ever thought that her Glowing Fireflies Jar would become a Fairy in a Bottle, LOL

I made my own fairy pattern and then followed her directions. The project is super simple and easy and fun! Like her, I used glow in the dark thread because everything needs a little glow in the dark thread.

Because there was only one fairy in the bottle, I decided it needed a little embroidery on the edge of the fabric so I pulled out my Hyrulian to English chart (What? You don’t have one kicking around?) and put “Hey listen!” because really, what other choice did I have?


I wish I would have thought about embroidering this before I cut out the fabric, but you know what they say about hindsight and all.


Sometimes on the internet, you can find something so magical, so amazing, so completely fantastic, you’re like, “WHOEVER DID THIS IS GENIUS!!!1!!1!” And sometimes, if you’re really lucky, they write a tutorial on how you can make the aforementioned magical, amazing, completely fantastic thing yourself.


That’s what happened when I went over to Our Nerd Home and saw a tutorial for a Legend of Zelda 8-bit fireplace (or better said, a fireplace filler?)

And the best part, it’s dirt cheap and you can have it done in an hour.

So, you start with lots of paint samples. Since I have recently spent a bajillion dollars on paint for the house, I didn’t feel guilty about snagging a *ahem* few of them.


You’ll need about 10-12 red, 6 orange, 2 light yellow, 3 white. (I think.) I kept it simple and just used these four colors. Then it was off to cutting. Now I’m sure I’m committing a horrible travesty using a rotary cutter to cut paper, but I do NOT see any quilting in my future and I already have another rotary cutter kicking around the house somewhere if I do need to cut fabric.


Ta da!


Then, I followed the pattern from Our Nerd Home to lay out the design. I did run out of red squares so I swapped it for a few oranges, but I think it looks just fine. Then it was on to the next step: gluing! It took me less than a half of a glue stick to finish the sucker.


Then, it was time to set it into it’s place of honor on the fireplace. It’s so perfectly geeky, I might have shed a tear when I was taking the pictures.


WIP Wednesday: Week 95,456

Honestly, I can’t believe I managed to work on this sucker.


Things in the house have been, ahem, crazy. Long story short, we have no carpet in our living room.

I went through a state of mourning, but I have forced myself to move on until we can get new flooring. (There is always light at the end of the tunnel, yes?)

So, progress has slowed down a bit, but I’m still aiming for a September finish (lolz). I know once I get the outline of the Clouds of Doom done, I can plow through a section of them really quickly.

I did pull out Steve for an afternoon, but I spooked myself because I really don’t want to lose momentum with the Light World. I have too many WIPs as is and I really want to start checking them off the To Do List.

Hopefully, the next week will be filled with more stitching, less stressing and ALL THE PROGRESS. What are y’all working on? I hope all of your WIPs are going awesomely!

Happy crafting! 😀 😀

WIP Wednesday: Week 854,958

You know, these WIP days really do help reassure me that, yes, I’m making progress. (I’m sure it’s a feeling most crafters can relate to.)


So, last week, I ditched Cap and turned my attention to a certain Hyrulian map. I *think* I’m going to try to finish it around the same time I completed the Dark World map last year which means I have under six months to complete this sucker.

(I don’t want to think about the math — 65k squares (plus the other projects I have planned) / 5.5 months = doable…maybe)20150318_115350

Er, maybe not doable? LOL

(No, really, it’s doable. The challenge will be not getting distracted with other projects to get this done on time.)

Now, I’m off to stitch! And as always, happy crafting! ❤ ❤

A Link to the (Gaming) Past

550 hours.

That’s how long it took me to finish this enormously huge project (an 18″ square) of cross-stitching the overworld map of the Dark World. (It’s still less time than I spent on Majora’s Mask.)

Originally, I bought the chart for my sister and (now) brother-in-law’s wedding. But, it needed to be finished by August 15.

Of 2013.

…Yeah. It didn’t take me long to realize that wasn’t going to happen. (Don’t worry, I made them something awesome.)

After a rough start, I put it away for five months, only pulling it out when I wanted to avoid working on other projects. Then, in December, after I made ALL THE DESTINY CARDS, I decided to be brave and pull the Dark World out of its hibernation. And, outside of a two month break in Feb/Mar, I worked on it solidly throughout the year.


It was like a child to me. I refused to leave it at home. When we went to a restaurant, I asked for a table for five. I was tempted to name it, but even I thought that was going to far. (OK, so I totally think of it as Stitch Stitchington.)


It was a test of patience at times. I spent far too much time with DMC color 613 — nearly 14k squares out of the 65k on the chart — which resulted in me adding a new name to the map. Death Mountain, meet the Clouds of Doom.

Over these months, the support I have gotten from the people of Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr have been, well, amazing. So, thank you to all of you. You guys are totally awesome! ❤ The comments, likes, fav, RT, etc., helped push me through the days when I was convinced I would never be finished.

But, I am.

And now I’m not sure what to do…

…but something tells me that I’ll find something crafty to make soon enough.

I Rule Hyrule

Ok, not really.

But I did succeed in my 30 for 30 challenge. The goal was to work on one major project for at least 30 minutes for 30 days. For someone like me who bounces from cross-stitch to cross-stitch, it was going to be tough.

Week 1 progress

I’ll admit there were times that I wanted to work on my Halo project or start something different but I stuck through it. For my endurance, Hyrule is a bit closer to getting finished.

Week 2 progress

I should say that I didn’t work on Hyrule for 30 minutes each day. On average, I spent about an hour or so on this sucker. That brings the worktime on this project to about 75 hours so far.

Week 3 progress

My goal is to have this finished by August. I would love to finish it in June before E3, but I have a feeling that sooner or later (read: sooner) I’m going to suffer from Hyrule burnout and shove this in my closest for a couple of weeks.


30 days of progress

A big thank you to those who commented, liked, retweeted over the past month. The support was so appreciated.

Progress will continue to be posted on my Instagram.