One Stitch, Two Stitch…

A few weeks ago, when Babe and I were watching The Punisher, an idea for a cross-stitch popped in my head. I wanted to make the Punisher skull. That, in and of itself, is nothing surprising. But, I also knew I wanted to use glow in the dark thread’s amazing power to do something soContinue reading “One Stitch, Two Stitch…”

With Great Crafting Comes Great Responsibility

It’s the beginning of July and my oldest is one year older. (I haven’t come to terms with it yet, obviously.) She didn’t want a cake this year, which left the theme of her party to us. And since she’s been on a HUGE Ultimate Spider-Man kick, I knew what it should be. Sometimes the cheapest thingsContinue reading “With Great Crafting Comes Great Responsibility”

A Highly Ant-icipated Cross-Stitch

So, back in January, my friend Rachel made the off-handed comment about how the Ant-Man promo poster would be a really simple project to tackle. @K_ThRyce @CraftingGeek ant man cross stitch would be the easiest cross stitch in the world — Rachel Harland (@rahcek) January 18, 2015 It sort of stuck in my mind,Continue reading “A Highly Ant-icipated Cross-Stitch”

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes: Building Up Excitement

Get it? Building up excitement? And it’s about Legos? Ha ha…ha? The new trailer popped up last week and I’ll admit, I am still doing a happy dance of joy. I’ve always been a fan of the Lego games. Lego: LOTR was a blast to play. (100% completion, baby! Only 2 more achievements to goContinue reading “Lego: Marvel Super Heroes: Building Up Excitement”