Kirby’s Epic Cross-Stich

For her birthday, the youngest asked me to cross-stitch her a Kirby and you knew I had to do it! I wanted to do something other than the traditional little Kirby so I found a wallpaper and decided to make a chart from it. Since I only had a week (and I value my time) I… Continue reading Kirby’s Epic Cross-Stich


Oh Yo-Shi Didn’t!

Sometimes I think the best part of writing a blog is coming up with the titles. So, this week's chart is the progression of our favorite little green dinosaur, Yoshi. I actually had a request to post the chart I used in the water soluble canvas vid a couple (few?) weeks ago, but I wanted… Continue reading Oh Yo-Shi Didn’t!


A Smashing New Cross-Stitch

If the previous free charts or my Twitter profile weren't enough of a clue, my gaming heart loves it some Nintendo.  Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey know, the usual suspects. So, you know who is excited about Smash Bros, right? This chick, right here. I'm being the oh-so-patient gamer and waiting for Smash Bros… Continue reading A Smashing New Cross-Stitch

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Nintendo Entertainment (Cross)-Stitch

Another day, another thing to distract me from my self-imposed deadline for finishing the Dark World geeky pattern to give to the internet. This time I'm going back to my gaming roots -- the good ol', blow the game cartridge when it won't work, Mario-lovin', Duck Huntin' NES. Although I think that the N64 is my favorite… Continue reading Nintendo Entertainment (Cross)-Stitch


Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another cross-stitch

I took a weekend off from working on Hyrule. (I know, I was shocked too.) It ended up being a good thing because A.) it helped to give me that break that I have been looking for and B.) I finished something that wasn't Christmas themed. So, I went from one Nintendo kingdom to another… Continue reading Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another cross-stitch