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Happy Little Engram


This month’s TSNEM (Try Something New Every Month) theme is painting. While it’s not something I particularly enjoy — especially after painting the entire house last year — there was a project that I had been considering doing since I saw TahoeAnime’s tweet last year.


Bam. A planter the Cryptarch would love.

If you have ten bucks and want to add that Destiny flair to your garden, go run to your local Target. You’ll need the planter, paint, a small brush or mini paint roller and, for those of you who want to cheat like I did,  a chalkboard paint marker (I found mine in the dollar section).

Then, paint (I used three coats, being sure to let it dry completely before adding the next coat or you’ll just pull up the paint.) your little engram.


You’ll have to wait about 24 hours to do the next part which is adding the details. Now look, if you want to get white paint and  a little paintbrush and paint the lines on, you have my complete respect. I just pulled up an image of the engrams Bungie sells and set to work with my paint marker.

Then, pop in an adorable plant and you’ve got yourself a very geeky planter.

Rock on!


So, I decided last month that I was going to do try to participate in every TSNEM (Try Something New Every Month). This month’s challenge was quilting.  And while I have made quilts before, there was something I hadn’t yet tackled: hand quilting.

I didn’t set off knowing what I was going to make, but when I went to Jo-Ann and saw the Mario fabric, I knew I had to make something with it.

A full size quilt wasn’t going to happen, but a small project, like a pillowcase was certainly manageable. I did piece the fabric together with a sewing machine because I was NOT going to sit there for hours and hours doing that.

Once it was pieced together, I really didn’t know what to expect. The instructions for the rocking stitch looked easy enough, but I have done enough crafts to know that just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it actually IS easy.

But I’m happy to say that it went VERY smoothly. I can’t stand the feel of a thimble, so by the time I was doing quilting this piece, the tip of my finger hated me, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage, LOL.

So, I would have to call this project a success and hope that the other projects I tackle have awesome results like this.