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There and Beck again…

Unlike the laborious, tear-inducing Destiny cross-stitch, this latest video game cross-stitch was a breeze!

(Don’t have time for words? Just watch the progression video.)


A little background…there is a Kickstarter going on for a game called Mighty No. 9.  The character that I cross-stitched is named Beck and he is rather adorable, no?

If you look closely, you can see just how many squares I pulled out in the name of perfectionism.

I used my STOIK pattern maker, which like the Destiny pattern it created, wanted to pull in ALL THE BROWNS. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn my lesson from last time and just repeated my mantra of, “Follow the chart!” and wasted about 3-4 hours of work.  Realizing that it wasn’t going to look right, I went back and manually edited the colors to make it look like the original picture.

IMG_20130925_230520After that, things went pretty smoothly. (Finally.) Total time, including the wasted time, was close to 40 hours over 22 days. I’m pretty sure it’s my quickest turnaround from start to finish. (My weary eyes can testify to that.) The measurements are 6.5″wide by 9.5″ high so I’m going to try to fit him nice and snug in a 8×10 frame and add him to my room o’ geekiness.


Well, for Lego: LOTR anyway…

I know some people had a problem with the voices coming from our little Lego friends, but it’s LORD OF THE RINGS. And they had ALL THE ORIGINAL ACTORS WITH THEIR LINES. Enjoy it, because we know we’re not getting that with Lego: Marvel Heroes.

Now I’m tempted to go back and tackle Lego: POTC. We’ll see if I can find a half-decent walkthrough on YT. (I’m bad, I know.)

I’ll leave y’all with this groovy beat.

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes: Building Up Excitement

Get it? Building up excitement? And it’s about Legos? Ha ha…ha?

The new trailer popped up last week and I’ll admit, I am still doing a happy dance of joy.

I’ve always been a fan of the Lego games. Lego: LOTR was a blast to play. (100% completion, baby! Only 2 more achievements to go to get ’em all — Curse the 15 minute Mines of Moria achievement.)

All I know is that my comic book lovin’ hubby is going to want to play AND I WON’T LET HIM. *insert evil laughter*


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