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WIP Wednesday #365,975

Another week, another random WIP Wednesday…

To be honest, I thought that #30for30crafting would be the push I needed to get major progress done on the Light World. That, um, did not happen. (I’ll have a roundup vid of the month next week.)


But, I have slowly slogged my way through burnout and am finally starting to (re)feel the giddiness of cross-stitching once again.  So, yay?

(Now if I could stop getting distracted by Destiny — both playing and watching Babe play — everything would be fine and dandy.)


I have two projects that I’ve been working on: the Light World (obviously) and Amsterdam which I am making for my Dutch princess, San.

I’m still hoping to get the Light World done by Sept (heh) and I would love do have this finished for San, well, as soon as possible.

What about you guys? What WIP have been taking up your crafting time?


WIP Wednesday: Week 8,305

I know, I didn’t post a WIP Wednesday last week, mostly because my SUPER AWESOME WEEKEND OF CROSS-STITCHING turned into a not-so-awesome weekend of taking out 200-300 stitches because I couldn’t count.

But now we are up to week 3 of the Light World and I think it’s going pretty well. (Famous last words.)

This is where I was on week 3 on the Dark World, BUT, I also started like two (three?) months earlier so I still have my work cut out for me if I’m wanting to finish by the beginning of September.


I knew I wanted to finish the Haunted Grove this weekend and, shock of all shocks, I actually made my self-imposed deadline!

I also started my Xbox cross-stitch, mostly to avoid burnout. (Though so far I’m feeling pretty good and I’m not hating the Light World…yet, LOL)

About you? What are you working on? Awesomeness, I’m sure.  😀 😀

WIP Wednesday (Part 1,506,976)

So, last week, I asked people on Instagram and Twitter which project I should tackle after my nephew’s Radiohead bear: Rapunzel, the Light World, or Captain America?

10979657_960010157342663_666445269_n (1)

And, of course, the vote was pretty much evenly split, LOL. So, I tried a new tactic and grabbed the bag of thread closest to me. It had Cap’s colors so he won for the week.

(For right now, I’m going to bounce to a different project each week until one grabs a hold of me a won’t let go.)

So, after a week of working on this bad boy, I got this far. (At least you can start to make out Nick Fury’s face, right?)


I forgot how beastly this project is. Though compared to the three, it is the smallest at 54,000 squares. (I know, I’m crazy.)

I *think* I’m going to work on this for a couple of more days, but with my fickle self, who knows if I’ll last that long? LOL

(I’m moving onto the Light World, for those who are wondering.)

And what about all of you? Any amazing crafts going on in your world? Tell! Share! And as always, happy crafting! 😀 😀

I Rule Hyrule

Ok, not really.

But I did succeed in my 30 for 30 challenge. The goal was to work on one major project for at least 30 minutes for 30 days. For someone like me who bounces from cross-stitch to cross-stitch, it was going to be tough.

Week 1 progress

I’ll admit there were times that I wanted to work on my Halo project or start something different but I stuck through it. For my endurance, Hyrule is a bit closer to getting finished.

Week 2 progress

I should say that I didn’t work on Hyrule for 30 minutes each day. On average, I spent about an hour or so on this sucker. That brings the worktime on this project to about 75 hours so far.

Week 3 progress

My goal is to have this finished by August. I would love to finish it in June before E3, but I have a feeling that sooner or later (read: sooner) I’m going to suffer from Hyrule burnout and shove this in my closest for a couple of weeks.


30 days of progress

A big thank you to those who commented, liked, retweeted over the past month. The support was so appreciated.

Progress will continue to be posted on my Instagram.