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X(box) Marks the Spot

I am a gamer.
I love video games. I love the creativity behind games, I love the skill it takes to play games, I love the indescribable satisfaction one gets when they finally beat that level that they thought was impossible, I love them all.

Admittedly, I play less games than I use to. I’m a completionist which means games take me a little longer than forever to finish. I have become more of a vicarious gamer over these past few years, but my love for games has not diminished.
(In fact, I think I love games more than ever before.)

I decided to pay homage to the Xbox. We finally got the X1 this past month (yay!), so it was time to do a little something crafty.

And now you can make you own Xbox too! The pattern takes longer than one would think for a 4″ circle (about 2,400 squares). That being said, it only has like 8 colors which are mostly in big chunks, so it’s an easy project to make.

The supplies: 14 count aida cloth, 3743, 3851, 3865, 762, 699, 700, 966,  3841, and the chart

The symbols are:
L = 3743
Black triangle = 762
X = 3841
Diamond = 3865
Upside down triangle = 966
Rectangle = 3851
Circle: 700
White triangle: 699

Also, to all of those of you who are participating in #30for30crafting…you guys are amazing! And please remember to take the time to look at all the awesomeness being created — there are a TON of pics on both Tumblr and Instagram!

And as always, happy crafting! 😀 😀


Well, for Lego: LOTR anyway…

I know some people had a problem with the voices coming from our little Lego friends, but it’s LORD OF THE RINGS. And they had ALL THE ORIGINAL ACTORS WITH THEIR LINES. Enjoy it, because we know we’re not getting that with Lego: Marvel Heroes.

Now I’m tempted to go back and tackle Lego: POTC. We’ll see if I can find a half-decent walkthrough on YT. (I’m bad, I know.)

I’ll leave y’all with this groovy beat.