Jolly Ol’ St. Koopa

‘Twas the night before Christmas, And all through Peach’s house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even a Mouse(r) Er, ok, I’ll leave the poetry to someone else. So, if you’ve been on Twitter, you’ve seen me working on this Bowser, er, King Koopa, cross-stitch. I was looking at my new cup when the ideaContinue reading “Jolly Ol’ St. Koopa”

Stitch or Treat

So, last week, probably on Facebook, I saw a link to this fantastic idea of cross-stitching a pumpkin. They had a bat template for the masses to use, but you know I wasn’t going to do anything so…ungeeky, right? Let’s just say that I am super glad that I made my Halloween project back inContinue reading “Stitch or Treat”

Sorry, Luigi, but your princess is in another cross-stitch

Remember when I made my Princess Peach cross-stitch pattern last year and said if someone wanted me to make a Princess Daisy chart I would? Well, that time has come, my friends! (Seriously, thank you, Jenny. I have wanted a reason to make this pattern for a while.) I haven’t had time to make itContinue reading “Sorry, Luigi, but your princess is in another cross-stitch”

Super Merry-o Christmas!

You know what time of the year it is, right? It’s time to make the Christmas cards, baby! So, last year, I made seven Destiny Christmas cardsĀ for my buddies. This year? 30. (And I wish I could have made a dozen or so more, but honestly, I only have so much time.) And these areContinue reading “Super Merry-o Christmas!”

Clowning Around

So, back in October I started working on a couple of Mario cross-stitching charts. That was when I foolishly thought that I would have the Dark World done and the Halo: CEA cover almost finished within the first half of the year. And while I haven’t given up on making a Mario sampler, I haveContinue reading “Clowning Around”

Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another cross-stitch

I took a weekend off from working on Hyrule. (I know, I was shocked too.) It ended up being a good thing because A.) it helped to give me that break that I have been looking for and B.) I finished something that wasn’t Christmas themed. So, I went from one Nintendo kingdom to anotherContinue reading “Sorry, Mario, your Princess is in another cross-stitch”

It’s a me! Crafting Mario!

For Christmas, Babe got me this awesome book. Just what I need, right? More books to enable my crafting habit. We needs all the craft books, Precious. The pin cushion on the front totally caught my eye, but if you know me, you know what I was thinking. That’s right, Mario. So, I Binged itContinue reading “It’s a me! Crafting Mario!”

I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters

So, I did it again. (Can you blame me?) First, let’s start with the Halo. I know, I had Master Cheep and Cor-tern-a the last time, but since then I had to add a few characters to the mix. Why hello there… Let me introduce you to my friends. Master Cheep Cor-tern-a 343 Guilty StorkContinue reading “I’m in your fandom, stealing your characters”